Haas Effect

I’ve been on the Sound on Sound website quite religiously recently, and have discovered a few interesting techniques that I may use in my future mixes. One of which is the Haas Effect, named after Helmut Haas.

Basically, it is a way of changing the listener’s directional perception of a signal without the use of panning. The effect is achieved by duplicating a mono signal into two separate tracks, panning one left and one right, and then delaying one side by very small amounts (3-7 milliseconds). Since once side (whichever one isn’t delayed) will reach the listener first, it makes their brain believe it is coming from that direction. After about 10 milliseconds of delay the effect wears of and the sense of a definite direction the sound is coming from is lost, although it now sounds like a stereo signal rather than mono!

This video explains it very well, and with a Canadian accent. The guy clearly knows what he’s talking aboot…



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