Coming soon…

Thought I’d mention some things I’m going to be doing in the near future!


Recently I’ve been recording with Dawn Coulshed in the studio. We originally recorded two of her tracks ‘The Door’ and ‘Paper Butterflies’ a couple of weeks ago, but went back and re-recorded all the parts with some expensive microphones that made a huge difference as they really suited her voice and guitar (Neumann > AKG). Dawn also added some really nice harmonies to ‘Paper Butterflies’ that added to the dynamic of the track. I’ve done a quick mix of these but need to polish them off over the next few days before going back into the studio on Thursday. Look out for some uploads soon!

I’ve also been in talks with guitarist Stephen Maxwell about possibly recording a tune we played back in our 3rd year performance exams. Since this tune has a lot of improvisation and indefinite lengths of sections, we’ve decided it would be best to play it together first rather than in separate takes. We would probably play it through together until I got a drum take I liked (could take a while with my solo…) and overdub bass, guitar, and horns on top. We have yet to sit down and discuss our method of recording properly, but will probably do so on Tuesday when we’ll be having a rehearsal.

We have also discussed a more stripped back recording of ‘Oh Darling!’ by The Beatles featuring Emily KellyMaxwell and Emily played this track together for Emily’s vocal exam and would be a great track to record!


I am now part of the Tinderbox Orchestra which rehearses every Sunday in Summerhall. It is a contemporary youth orchestra which plays modern styles of music, writes original music and collaborates with top local bands and artists. We play classics such as ‘Fire‘ by Jimi Hendrix and ‘Paranoid Android‘ by Radiohead, as well as songs by Edinburgh artists such as Mike Kearney and North Atlantic Oscilation.

Elsewhere, I will be playing with Stephen Maxwell and Ally McLachlan in the Jazz Bar on December 13th for the Napier Songwriter Showcase to raise money towards the singers booking venues for their exams next year. Stay tuned for updates…